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Frequently Asked Questions – Login & Security

Why does MSHA require registration before filing a form?

The Department of Labor (DOL) now requires new security guidelines for all agency websites that interact with public and industry users. The primary purpose of registering is to provide MSHA and DOL with the ability to audit who is actually providing filings online. While not widespread, requiring registration allows MSHA to control abuse of online filing in certain circumstances as well as provide you, the user, a certain level of protection by allowing MSHA to make a reasonable determination of the authenticity of the filing.

How do I register?

Users will need to be registered with MSHA EGov and Login.gov to use EGov Online Filing. To register with MSHA to use the online forms advisor click on any of the forms you wish to file. At the login page, click the link under Registration for new EGov users. All the fields on the registration information screen are required. Make sure that the email address you use to register with MSHA is valid and that you have access to that email account. Once you complete your registration information click on the “Register” button The registration process is not complete at this point, you must also register for a Login.gov account. You will receive a confirmation email from Login.gov to confirm your registration. You have 24 hours to confirm your Login.gov registration. Once both accounts have completed the registration process, you can begin submitting MSHA forms online.

Link to MSHA EGov registration : MSHA EGov registration

Link to Login.gov : Login.gov

I used to file my 7000-2 without a login. Why do I need to register now?

The old elaws filing system for the 7000-2 did not require registration. All that was required was a valid Mine ID. However, the Department of Labor now requires new security guidelines for all agency websites that interact with public and industry users. Therefore, all users are now required to register first before submitting a 7000-2. Please note that any email address you used for a previous filing will not be valid as a login so you must first register before completing the 7000-2. This is a one time registration process and your login will remain valid for the next quarter’s filing.

I registered but I receive a message that my username is invalid or has not been registered with MSHA. What can I do?

Please verify your Login.gov ID (email address) is correct and has been registered with MSHA ( Verify MSHA EGov Registration) and attempt to login again. If you still receive the message, contact the MSHA Help Desk at 1-877-778-6055 or by email at desk.help@dol.gov.

If you were unable to verify your email address as registered with MSHA, you will need to register first before logging in by clicking the “New EGov users register here” link.

My email address has changed. Can I change my email address?

Your email address is your user login and cannot be changed through the Change online filing registration information link found on the forms and online filing page. You must email the MSHA help desk at desk.help@dol.gov and provide the current registered email address (old) and what you would like to change it to (new). (Example: Request to change our MSHA EGov Account from abc@email.com to xyz@email.com). After the email change has been made, you will receive an email reply informing you that change has been completed per your request. NOTE: After updating your MSHA EGov account you must also update the email address associated to your Login.gov account to reflect the change. See instructions how to change Login.gov email address:https://login.gov/help/manage-your-account/change-your-email-address

If you have any additional questions or comments about login and security, please send an email to desk.help@dol.gov. Thank you.